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About Us

In 1999 5 pilots had a vision to provide web-based briefing services for private pilots allowing access from anywhere at any time. They were rewarded with an overwhelming number of private pilots subscribing to the service.

But very quickly corporate pilots, then corporate aviation organisations started to make contact. They too wanted to share in the revolution.

Then in 2002 a large logistics company asked us to provide a customised weather alerting service for their flight operations centre. Their existing supplier quoted long delivery times and a high price for customising their standard service. AvBrief produced a customised service at a fraction of the cost in a quarter of the time.

This was followed in 2004 with a well known low-cost airline taking up our offer of a free INNOVATE session and, after initial scepticism, they ended up with new customised crew briefing and alerting services. In 2006 when bad weather hit all airlines, they used their customised services to stay ahead of the game and after 3 days of bad weather had the vast majority of their crew and planes in the right place. Other airlines were not as lucky. Many had to cancel all their flights on the final day of the bad weather.

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