Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs are written primarily for those less familiar with using our services. If you have a question that wasn't answered in these FAQs please email us at Further advice on AvBrief support services is contained in one of the FAQs.


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    How much does Membership cost?

    Standard AvBrief Membership (Flight Briefing Services) at £40.32 or MemberPlus (Flight Briefing Services including 5 minute high-resolution precipitation radar) at £60.48, prices are inclusive of VAT.

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    How do I pay?

    The easiest way to pay is by PayPal, credit or debit card via WorldPay on the link at the end of the "Subscription" process.

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    May I pay by credit card via a telephone call?

    No - for regulatory reasons we are unable to accept payment in this way.

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    Can't I just email my credit card details to you?

    No - for regulatory reasons we are unable to accept payment in this way. Please choose one of the other methods.

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    How do I subscribe?

    Decide if you require the Member or MemberPlus service. The details of each service can be found by following the “Our Services” link in the left hand margin of the AvBrief Home Page.

    Having chosen your level of membership, please go to the “Subscribe” link (this is also in the left hand margin). At this point you will be asked to login. This is straightforward, just use your normal UserID and password.

    A dropdown menu will appear asking for your choice of membership level, select the option you require, then simply go to “Continue”.

    The next page states “You are about to purchase a Subscription Plus Radar" (for example) for the User ID” *****”registered to “your name” at “your email address".

    The next paragraph will again confirm the level of subscription you have chosen and how much it will cost for the next years membership.

    If you wish to purchase a Subscription Plus Radar (for example, clicking on the "Pay Now" button will take you to the WorldPay page where you simply enter the requested details.

    Remember, if you have any queries, send us an email to We are there to help you.

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    Will I receive a receipt?

    You will receive a digital receipt from WorldPay, which of course you can print out for your records. Our VAT number is GB 737 1220 56

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    Using these FAQs

    There doesn't appear to be a search function

    The FAQs are published as a standard html web page. Thus you can use the search function within your browser. In IE it is the Edit/Find (on this page) function.

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    The FAQs didn't answer my question

    Send us your question to If you are an AvBrief Member then you can also post a new topic on the AvBrief Forums. They may be found here. Someone from the AvBrief team looks at the Forums every day so there will be a good chance that your question will be answered quickly.

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    AvBrief's support policies

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    Support for private Members of AvBrief

    There are three levels of support available for AvBrief Members.

    1. The first point of call should be these FAQs as they cover the majority of queries that we receive.

    1. If you have a query that isn't answered here, please email us at

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    Support for corporate Members of AvBrief

    The primary method for obtaining support is via email to For our corporate and commercial customers we aim to respond to support emails within 6 hours of receipt during normal UK office hours and within 24 hours of receipt at other times.

    Should you wish to be provided with service levels above this then please email us at so we can evaluate how best to provide you with the back-up you require.

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    About AvBrief

    Does AvBrief conform to recognised standards?

    AvBrief is an approved ICAO disseminator of aeronautical meteorological information.

    Met data is derived from the UK Met Office both directly for certain products and via the ICAO SADIS for OPMET and WAFC products.

    Dynamic AIS data (NOTAM) is derived from the EAD (Eurocontrol, Brussels).

    Thus OPMET conforms to WMO relevant standards and AIS data conforms to Doc 8126 and Annex 15.

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    Why should I pay for aviation data that should be made available for free to pilots?

    This is really a debate that you should be holding with the CAA and, in particular, DAP. The fact is that AvBrief is a commercial company that would not survive without sales revenues. Our overheads are significant and much larger than most private pilots would expect. We have to pay for data, infrastructure, bandwidth and people costs. So, for us, supplying a wide range of free services is not an option.

    Our income from private pilots does not cover our costs so, in essence, the private AvBrief Member gets a professional service from an ICAO Approved disseminator of aviation data at a discounted rate. If you try our service and find it is not up to your expectations we are always happy to refund your subscription.

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    What are your Terms and Condition of use?

    These may be found here

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    Do you divulge personal data to third parties?

    No. Our privacy terms may be read here

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    Why should I use AvBrief?

    We are a small team dedicated to providing our customers with the best service we can manage. We are responsive and committed to excellent customer relationships. We are accessible. Why not try us out without obligation. Simple drop us an email to and we can arrange a free, no obligation, evaluation. You may want to use some of the excellent forums available for flyers to see how others regard us.

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    I'm not sure if AvBrief is right for me. Do you offer a free trial?

    While we provide some examples of our services here they are not a full summary of what we do. We are always delighted to provide you with a short free evaluation period without any obligation of your part. Once you have registered with a valid UserID please send us an email requesting a free trial and including your UserID. Please email us at If you need advice about registration see the appropriate FAQ.

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    Corporate use of AvBrief

    The prices we charge for private pilot access to AvBrief are not profitable for us. We welcome private users of our services because the revenue helps defray the significant infrastructure and overhead costs. The pricing is influenced by the fact that our biggest competitors are the numerous free web sites. We also recognise the tremendous loyalty shown to us by our private Members over the years.

    However, we feel perfectly justified in asking commercial organisations who wish to use our briefing data to pay a fair price. We are extremely competitive in the market and believe that we offer very good value. This is borne out by the many commercial aviation organisations that depend of their Avbrief service.

    We rely on corporate users being honest with us and recognising that endeavouring to use our services as a personal user is tantamount to theft. We regularly police registration and usage of AvBrief services. You will be offered the opportunity to upgrade to corporate Membership. We reserve the right to terminate access without any subscription refund if a corporate user continues to use our services as a personal Member.

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    It is not clear whether my use of AvBrief is personal or commercial

    If you have any doubt, please email us at before proceding to the online payment process. This avoids any future embarrassment. We will willingly provide you with free access to AvBrief for evaluation purposes; you do not need to pay online to experience our range of services.

    For your guidance we define corporate or commercial use like this.

    Personal use covers the use of AvBrief Flight Briefing Services by private pilots flying for non-commercial purposes.

    Personal use also includes commercial pilots wishing to use AvBrief personally to assist in their profession, without this being a requirement of their employers.

    Commercial use covers the use of AvBrief Flight Briefing Services by an organisation, the organisation's employees and subcontractors engaged in any form of aviation activity for hire or reward. Commercial use would also include an individual pilot's use where that pilot was required by his employer to use the AvBrief services.

    Commercial use would also include flying clubs, training organisations, airports, sole traders who earn their living from aviation, etc.

    Remember, if you are still unsure which category applies, please email for further advice.

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    Do you offer special terms for Flying Clubs?

    In a word, yes, as we recognise the importance to the UK General Aviation industry provided by Clubs. Please email us at for further details.

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    We are a private group that would like group access to AvBrief

    We are able to provide group access schemes. Please contact us at for further details.

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    I am not a pilot but would like to subscribe to the rainfall radar data

    Aviation meteorological data can only be provided to aviation persons as defined by ICAO. However, the rainfall radar data is not regarded as an aviation product and is available as a separate subscription to any user.

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    What's the difference between your Radar data that I have to pay for and that obtainable from other sites for free?

    We take a direct feed of the 5-minute high resolution precipitation radar data from the UK Met Office. This allows us to present both high resolution stills and animations as well as update the service 12 times an hour. We believe this is a much stronger offering that is available for free. We are always happy to arrange an evaulation of the radar data, which can be requested by sending an email to

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    Why don't you supply Airport information such is contained in Pooleys, Bottlang, or AFE?

    Most VFR guides are based on the data contained in the UK AIP to which we could have access. But for this service to be of value to our Members it would need to be kept up to date on a constant basis. We have looked at the costs of employing someone to do this and come to the conclusion that the rise in subscription price to cover this would not be acceptable to all AvBrief Members.

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    Why do you occasionally use Standard Responses?

    These responses have taken some time to compose to give the information required in the most precise and concise way possible. This way AvBrief's resources can go towards expanding our services/software for our Members rather than on the Customer Care team taking an age to come up with the best way to reply to a similar query!

    We do still endeavour to reply to every email personally, within 24 hours if possible. Forums are helpful for members who would like an earlier response.

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    Gaining access to AvBrief

    How do I register to use AvBrief?

    In order to register you will need to go to the Home Page and click on Register in the left margin.

    You will be asked to accept our Terms and Conditions Sign Up page

    The form will ask you for a User ID, a unique name by which you would like to be identified by the server. You may need to have several goes at finding a unique User ID. The chances are that your first name will be taken as will words like Cessna, Piper, Arrow and so on. Your aircraft registration is less likely to be taken or you might find your initials are still available. You will also be asked for your email address, to which a password will be sent. You can change this password to something more memorable by going to the Change Password page.

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    I've just registered with AvBrief and still can't get access

    Registration requires the system to have logged a valid, unique UserID and an email address. The email address is used to send you the system generated password that you can subsequently amend if you would prefer something more memorable.

    If you proceed with the registration without entering an email address or by putting in an invalid email address then you are put into a Catch 22 situation. Your UserID has been allocated but without having a password you can't access the site.

    The solution is to register again using a different UserID and ensure that the email address is both entered and entered correctly. (It would help us keep the system clean if you could drop a line to telling us the details of the redundant UserID.)

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    Will I receive a receipt?

    When you paid using the WorldPay system, you will have been issued a WorldPay digital receipt which can of course be printed.

    We do issue invoices to our commercial users.

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    I want a refund!

    A refund will be considered if your subscription is less than one week old. Occasionally our members from overseas subscribe to U.K. Rainfall Radar in error, that portion of their subscription will be gladly refunded.

    We are obviously unhappy to hear that you no longer wish to use the AvBrief service but, as you might imagine, in a commercial world, this would not be an acceptable reason to provide a subscription refund.

    What we are happy to do is to allow you to transfer the unexpired portion of your subscription to another pilot of your choice. If this is acceptable to you, we look forward to hearing the full name and email address of the pilot in order for us to make the transfer on your behalf.

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    Why don't you have an automatic Resubscription process?

    We do not automatically renew your membership as we do not have, or would wish to have, the authority to automatically renew subscriptions. It puts our customers at risk if, in the very unlikely event, our infrastructure was compromised. Also we feel that it is fair to allow our customers to make the choice of whether to renew or not, without us automatically taking payments prior to written consent. This is why we send an email inviting our Members to renew a subscription and then we leave the rest to you :-)

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    Password and Access Queries

    I've lost/forgotten my password. Help!

    Don't Panic ;-)

    The recovery from this is very simple. If you have forgotten your password, you may request the issue of a new one by entering your UserID in the forgotten password link found here or on the home page of AvBrief.

    Passwords will only be sent to the current e-mail address you have registered with Aviation Briefing.

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    I'm not able to download the 4-day forecast

    We are aware that some firewalls cause this. For example the Computer Associates EZ Armor anti-virus and firewall application and the McAfee Pop Up Blocker have caused difficulties. The solution is to alter the access settings on your anti-virus or firewall software. We would appreciate being notified of other software packages that cause this so as to help fellow travellers.

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    I'm having problems accessing the AvBrief site. Where could I be going wrong?

    (This answer covers a number of situations and we do recommend reading through it carefully)

    There are several things that can cause problems when logging on. Please follow these steps to identify your problem.

    Step One Verify that your User ID is being recognised by the system (this assumes that you know your password - please remember that passwords are case sensitive). This can be done by logging on at the Query your Account link in the left margin of the AvBrief home pages or you can go directly to the link from here

    If the system cannot verify your ID then you are either (a) not registered or (b)you are entering your login details incorrectly. Please follow directions as follows:

    (a) Not registered - you can register via the link on the top left hand corner of the home page or directly from here

    You will be asked to provide a UserID of your choice and a valid e-mail address. Your UserID will be the unique reference recognised by our system when you identify yourself. If we just asked for a name we could too easily have duplicate names.

    A password will then be sent to the e-mail address you provide under the registration progress.

    (b) You may have entered your login details incorrectly. If you have forgotten your userID or your password, please inform by email, supplying your registered email address.

    Step Two Are you getting access to the site at /

    If YES but only to certain parts of the site, go to Step Three.

    If NO then here is some advice:

    Some browsers ask for a User Name and password. You should enter your User ID in the User Name box. If you use cut and paste please ensure that you don't inadvertently include a space. Your UserID is not case sensitive, however your password is, and must therefore be entered exactly as you first received/selected it, eg. password: JoBloggs must be entered with capital J and B, whereas password: tmnjkw must be entered in all lower case letters. If you are entering these correctly but are still experiencing a problem, go to Step Four.

    Step Three. You will be denied access to certain areas if you are not a subscriber. Full details of subscriber (Member) areas are given in the our Services link in the left margin of the AvBrief home pages.

    If you wish to subscribe you may do so via the 'Subscribe' link or the one on the left margin of the AvBrief home pages.

    Step Four If you are still experiencing difficulty, then please email us at with the following details:

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    I have forgotten my UserID

    There is no easy way to recover this so our advice is to email us at Please provide the email address that is associated with your access to AvBrief.

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    I've paid. Why am I still being denied access to chargeable areas of AvBrief?

    Please check that you have a copy of the email digital receipt that WorldPay will have sent. If you haven't received one there is a possibility that, unknown to you, your payment may not have been made. (Some of our customers' systems use a proxy that can confuse the registration/subscription procedure).

    Another reason that the subscription may not have gone through may be simply that the system isn't verifying your User ID or password. Your UserID is not case sensitive, however your password is, and must therefore be entered exactly as you first received/selected it, eg. password: JoBloggs must be entered with capital J and B, whereas password: tmnjkw must be entered in all lower case letters. Please do not use spaces before or after the User ID or password (using cut and paste can sometimes result in a space being included, which the computer doesn't like!). If you still have problems subscribing, please contact us at

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    Questions about existing AvBrief services

    I don't remember ICAO codes for airfields. How can I look them up?

    In order to find ICAO codes for individual airfields, the simplest way is to select the 'Country ICAOs' drop-down menu (located at the top of the Airfield Information page), select the country you are interested in and then click GO. This gives a list that you can then either scan through visually quite quickly or use Ctrl + F (in Internet Explorer) to open a 'Find' box where you can search for a word (or just part of a word).

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    Why are the UK Airfield graphical forecasts sometimes inaccurate?

    The data feed that we use to generate this forecast is purely automated model output from the GFS dataset; it has no forecaster input. During periods of rapidly changing complex weather systems or periods of high pressure (notoriously difficult for forecasting visibility and cloud cover) one should not expect high accuracy. Our advice is to take a combined view using the UK GFS forecast, UK MSLP (Model) charts and long TAFs to allow you to form your own opinions.

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    Why don't you store Aerodrome Charts?

    We do not store aerodrome charts on our servers as we do not have a data source for these. However, out of convenience we provide a link to the appropriate URL on the UK AIS web site. UK AIS operate a separate login procedure and one needs to have registered with them using a U.K. address. Registration is free and can be arranged by going to Please note that our links depend on the URLs remaining constant. We do not have control over the URLs used by UK AIS.

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    When may I expect to be able to view the latest OPMET?


    Our system shows that the vast majority of UK Metars are available approximately 11 minutes after the observation time. Similarly for German Metars. French Metars are a little quicker with the bulk being available approximately 6 minutes after the observation time.


    TAFs, both short and long, take longer to be promulgated by the UKMO. The average time delay is between 20 and 24 minutes after issue time; assuming 30 minutes would cover most eventualities.

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    What are the timings for the Surface Analysis Model Charts?

    Surface Analysis charts carrying the header name of PPVA89 (also known as ASXXcharts).

    These charts are an analysis of current surface pressure conditions and are released every 6 hours. The times of release are hours AFTER the validity time (but all on the same day) and are approximately:

    * 00Z chart published at 0235Z
    * 06Z chart published at 0740Z
    * 12Z chart published at 1415Z
    * 18Z chart published at 1950Z

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    What are the timings for the T+24 Surface Forecast Model Charts?

    T+24 Surface Forecast charts carrying the header name of PPVE89 (also known as FSXX or prognosis charts)

    These charts are a forecast of future surface pressure conditions and are released every 6 hours. The times of release are hours BEFORE the validity time and are approximately:

    * 00Z chart (for today) published at 0440Z (previous day)
    * 06Z chart (for today) published at 1030Z (previous day)
    * 12Z chart (for today) published at 1640Z (previous day)
    * 18Z chart (for today) published at 2345Z (previous day)

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    What are the timings for the Mean Sea Level Pressure (MSLP) & Thickness Model Charts?

    Mean Sea Level Pressure (MSLP) & Thicknesss charts carrying the header name of PPV(G,I, J,K, etc)89 and are released every 24 hours sometime after 2000Z each evening.

    They start from T+36 hrs and run out to T+132 hrs

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    What is the definition of 'low cloud' in the UK Airfield Forecast?

    Low cloud is cloud below the 900mb level as far as the GFS is concerned. If the surface pressure happened to be 1,000mb then 900mb would equate to 3000 feet (1mb = 30ft). One could generally regard the 900mb level as 3,500ft.

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    Why do I need Adobe Reader for the 4-day forecast and other chart products?

    Firstly, our supplier of the 4-day forecast, Weather Commerce, prefer this format. As they provide this forecast on a complimentary basis to AvBrief Members it is not for us to complicate their systems by asking for other formats.

    More generally, we provide our charts in two formats to suit the use involved. Gif files are provided for speed of download and ease of viewing on screen with a browser. But the gif format is poor for printing. Using the pdf format provides the best print quality.

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    Why do you not provide a U.K.Sferics Chart?

    UK Sferics data is defined as Additional Data for the purposes of WMO Resolution 40. Unfortunately this means that we, as a commercial company, would have to pay for it. This in turn would mean increasing our subscription costs to cover the additional overheads.

    There are a number of plots of sferics data already on the Internet for non-commercial use. We are therefore reluctant to buy what other people make available free and we feel that our subscribers would not welcome the increased subscription cost on this basis.

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    How do I access AvBrief OPMET using WAP on a mobile phone?

    We provide a service using WAP in conjunction with GPRS. GPRS services are widely available across Europe. To access the AvBrief service you will need to use the following URL /wap.wml

    Most phones allow WAP sites to be bookmarked for future use.

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    How do I use the AvBrief WAP service?

    See the FAQ just above this one regarding setting up the URL. The service allows you to enter a single ICAO code. That then calls the current METAR, short TAF and long TAF (if available for that airfield) in one pass thus greatly saving download times.

    The system also offers OPMET for nearby airfields.

    Two points to note:

    1. Different phones will present the AvBrief menu in different ways
    2. Many phones will cache the data. Do make sure you look up current weather.

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    Background information on the AvBrief High Resolution precipitation radar data

    The height of the radar echo varies with distance from the radar site and the details of the location and operation of the radar.

    First the height of the rain echos will depend on the height of the radar antenna recording the data (antenna heights vary from 33 to 531 metres above sea level).

    Also each radar does a series of 360 degree sweeps at various antenna elevations, the lowest normally being at 0.5 degrees above the horizontal (though this may vary at some sites due to local topography) and the highest is currently normally at 2.5 degrees (but again does vary at some sites). If the lowest elevation is 0.5 degrees the height of the rain echos will vary from the height of the radar antenna at the radar site to about 2500 metres plus the height of the radar antenna at a distance of 210 km from the radar site. The height of the 2.5 degree beam is about 8000 metres at 150 km range (plus the height of the radar antenna).

    Most of the data supplied to customers uses the lowest beam data except for a small area very close to the radar when higher elevation data might be used if the lowest elevation data is contaminated by echoes from local topography, building, towers etc.

    The full network for the Irish and British radar network (including the component provided by the States of Jersey) is drawn from 15 sites, made up of the following units:- (from north to south) (altitude of scanner head also noted).

    - Beacon Hill/Druima' Starraig (Isle of Lewis/Scotland/UK) (96 m) - Hill of Dudwick (Gordon/Buchan area of NE Scotland/UK) (187 m) - Corse Hill (Strathclyde/SW Scotland/UK) (385 m) - Castor Bay (Lough Neagh/Lurgan/Northern Ireland/UK) (33 m) - Dublin (Republic of Ireland) (100 m) - Hameldon Hill (Lancashire side/central Pennines/England/UK) (405 m) - Ingham (Lincolnshire/England/UK) (84 m) - Shannon Airport (SW Ireland/Republic of Ireland) (26 m) - Clee Hill (Shropshire/England/UK) (531 m) - Crug y Gorllwyn (Ceredigion/SW Wales/UK) (337 m) - Chenies (southeast Chilterns/Hertfordshire/England/UK) (165 m) - Cobbacombe (NE Devon/England/UK) (304 m) - Wardon Hill (Dorset/England/UK) (255 m) - Predannack (Lizard peninsula/Cornwall/UK) (95 m) - Jersey/La Moye (Channel Islands/States of Jersey) (85 m)

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    Why are there times when there is a black circle instead of radar data?

    Each of the black circles represents one radar station. If you watch an animation you will see that some of the black areas occasionally 'disappear'. That is because each radar station is not always present at the time of the collation of the data by the UKMO. The Met Office set a goal for individual stations to have an uptime of approximately 95%, with overlapping radar so that effects of one station offline are minimised. (95% availability still means being unavailable for 438 hours a year or approxiamtely 8 hours a week.)

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    Why do you not provide radar animations for the last 24 hours?

    We provide various animations up to 8 hours duration. We hope that these are sufficient to show the trend of the activity or frontal conditions thus enabling you to judge the approximate speeds at which a front is moving.

    The issue of supplying more images concerns bandwidth. If we offered a full days worth of radar (ie. 96 images), and had many simultaneous requests, this could temporarily slow down or restrict access to our Members for other services. It would also have cost implications as we would have to increase the bandwidth required.

    Perhaps if we received many requests for an increased number of radar images, it would be worth considering increasing the subscription price to cover the cost of a dedicated server dealing solely with radar. However, as this is not presently the case, we have to strike a compromise.

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    Why do you not provide a full day of Radar images?

    The issue of supplying more images concerns bandwidth. If we offered a full days worth of radar (ie. 96 images), and had many simultaneous requests, this could temporarily slow down or restrict access to our Members for other services. It would also have cost implications as we would have to increase the bandwidth required.

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    Why do you not provide Historic Weather?

    I’m afraid that we are only allowed to publish CURRENT weather on the AvBrief site. This is for safety purposes, eg: If we displayed historic data and a user failed to verify it's date and time, he/she may assume this to be current and therefore plan a flight based on untimely information. I shudder to think of the possible effects of a pilot basing a flight on (last week's) CAVOK metar, when today's actual is fog.

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    Why can't I see the radar animations?

    Almost certainly this will be an issue with either your firewall settings, or a pop-up blocker or the settings in your browser. This, of course, assumes that other parts of the AvBrief site are accessible.

    Do check that your browser has animations enabled, In MS Internet Explorer, go to 'tools/internet options/advance/multimedia' where you will find "Play animations in web pages".

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    Why do you not provide airfield contact telephone numbers?

    Simply because this is not contained in the Aeronautical data that we receive. However, we do offer the facility for our users to add their own additional information to a particular airfield - the link is at the bottom of each individual airfield's information. This is gradually being populated with data and is proving to be a useful enhancement to the data already provided.

    If you would like to add to this we would be grateful as will, I'm sure, our other members.

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    Why is there no issue time for the 4-day forecast?

    This product is provided to us by Weather Commerce without charge. It was the only way we could offer a partial replacement to the old Met Office forecast without a steep increase in our Membership price. However, as a consequence, we have little or no control over the format.

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    What is meant by the UTC Offset Time shown on your reports?

    The data that we obtain from the EAD aeronautical database contains another time element called the UTC offset time. This is the adjustment that is made to UTC based on the longitude of the location with reference to East or West of the Greenwich Meridian.

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    Why do you not show local times?

    All our data is reported against UTC as this is the standard for international aviation. The data that we obtain from the EAD aeronautical database contains another time element called the UTC offset time. This is the adjustment that is made to UTC based on the longitude of the location with reference to East or West of the Greenwich Meridian.

    Local times are more difficult to calculate and keep track of and we do not provide this service on AvBrief. There are some good web sites that you can refer to and you may wish to look at

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    Are Royal Flights included in Notams?

    Royal Flights are not 'advertised' as such and the old method of establishing a purple airway was disbanded, from recollection, some time ago.

    The present system is to establish temporary Class A airspace without any specific mention of a Royal Flight and these do appear quite regularly in the Notams.

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    Please clarify the relationship betwee Navbox and AvBrief?

    AvBrief are providing data to NavBox for use with their software.

    Questions about potential new AvBrief services

    3 day graphical forecasts for Europe

    The present UK Forecast service takes the data feed from a supplier limiting us to UK only, but our plans are to take the feed direct, which should allow us continental coverage.

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    Can't you provide airfield information for the smaller GA airfields?

    The data that feeds the airfield information on the AvBrief site is provided by EAD, (European Aeronautical Database). This is from their database which conforms to ARINC as used in many Flight Management Systems in commercial airliners. The data is updated every 28 days under the ARINC cycle process.

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    1. Latest radar image - /radar/radarlatestframe.html
    2. AIRMET index (approved alternative to Forms 214 & 215) - /opmet/airmetgamet.html?type=airmet

    1. UK SIGMETS - /opmet/sigmet.html?area=UK

    We would welcome your fedback on the type of services you would like to see via

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    Will you be offering IFR plates online?

    Regarding instrument approach plates, we receive steady interest in this service and all suggestions are being noted. We are actively pursuing the possibility of offering IFR plates but it is too early to able to forecast when this service might be released.

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    Modifying personal access items

    How do I change my e-mail address?

    This can be done via the "Query your Account" link on the home page or directly from here.

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    How do I change my password?

    This can be done via the "Query your Account" link on the home page or directly from here.

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    Can I change my User ID?

    Once a user has registered, the User ID is set in concrete. The whole plan is to remove confusion. A user may well need to change an email address from time to time but it is important that something stays constant, i.e. the User ID. It could get extremely complicated if a user has multiple IDs; if a subscription were then made, we wouldn't know which User ID to credit. Also, the rigidity of the User ID provides a level of access security that is very important to our subscribers. I'm afraid therefore that you will need to continue with your existing User ID.

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